Unscramble Words

Do you ever have trouble unscrambling individual words or the multi-word answer to the clue given in the newspaper JUMBLE puzzles? If so, this software can help! Type in a scrambled word or a collection of letters partitioned into the appropriate lengths for the answer to the clue. Then hit the "Unscramble" button to get the answers.

For example, let's say we have the clue "She was anxious to start the riding lesson, but the instructor wanted the student to ---- --- ------" with the answer to have three words: the first of length 4 characters, the second of length 3 characters, and the third of length 6 characters, unscrambled from the letters "ohrhelshesdor". You would merely
Note that you may run out of memory if there are too many possibilities to check for a set of multiple words! I'll continue to try to improve the algorithm so that this is less likely to occur.
scrambled word(s):

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