Some "Funky" Results?

Here is a page, Results_1-684.txt , showing some differences(*) between the OBC published results and those published on Amongst the classes of differences are: Here, pic.html are some pictures of some of the "funky" things which have been seen over extended periods of time - things such as seed sheets, award pages, odd distances/speeds, missing people, etc. - You may click on the thumbnails to see a bigger versions of the pictures. The date/time of the picture can be seen in the screen shot - either at the top or bottom of the picture. If I have time later, I will better label the problems and stick links in to the material as it exists on my site.

(*) The output here is only produced to assist in helping to get the published results correct. It only detects certain types of differences, and it does not assign blame. Note as well that the OBC did copy most of its data from my site, so one would expect the OBC to agree with all of my data for the ATT series, all of the data for the WTT series until the last year, and all of the OTT data in 1999-2002 inclusive and 2006!