2009 XMAS Bike Lights

For those who feel that cycling, especially in the winter, is a serious matter, HERE is my response! Although my initial statement at the 2009-12-05 Santa Claus Parade(*) was somewhat dysfunctional, now, after the removal of two clauses (Mr. and Mrs.) and a snow man from the tail end, I am again able to perform such normal daily activities as loading groceries on my bike. Yes, fun and functional - The honkers and hollerers from the motor vehicles are all quite jovial, and I'm certainly visible out there on the roads!

By the way, I cycled 15,024 km in 2009, in everything from commuting to time trials, and enjoyed every kilometer.
The above photos were snapped by Rosella Mac Neil.

(*) Some pictures of the 2009 Santa Claus Parade are found here and here - Lots of fun!

If you have some fun photos you'd like to have posted here, send them my way! Email: celia@drmath.ca.