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CycleFit Chicks' Time Trial Series - 2010-Aug-23 - 15km (Rockliffe Pkwy) (EvtFactor = 1.0000)

Weather (18:00): Sunny. Temp.: 23C, Humidity: 63%, Dew Point: 15C, Wind: ENE 17km/h, Pressure: 102.1kPa, Vis: 24km, Humidex: 27.
Weather (19:00): Sunny. Temp.: 22C, Humidity: 67%, Dew Point: 15C, Wind: ENE 11km/h, Pressure: 102.1kPa, Vis: 24km, Humidex: 26.
Weather (20:00): Clear. Temp.: 21C, Humidity: 71%, Dew Point: 16C, Wind: ENE 9km/h, Pressure: 102.1kPa, Vis: 24km, Humidex: 25.

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Tonight was the last CycleFit Chicks Time Trial of the 2010 season, and ten women made it out to test themselves against the clock. Strong winds from the east made the out trip slow, and only some of the losses were regained on the return since the wind dropped somewhat. The air pressure was also high, and we didn't have a holder at the start (which cost us time in getting our foot clicked in before we could speed off), so it was a challenge to improve, but that didn't stop three of us from improving on our previous best 2010 CFCTT 15km result. Marilyn Stuart, still on a hybrid, improved more than 30% in her cube speed ratio, but a good amount of this improvement resulted from avoiding the problems she had last time with rubbing brakes and tangled shoe laces. Stephanie Sothcott was the second most improved, and as a young rider, she will continue to improve for many years, especially once she adds some aero bars and other time trial equipment. Also extremely noteworthy was Nancy Desroches' improvement in cube speed! She had only done a 10km previously and her time for 15km was not much larger - Her improvement in her previous speed for the CFCTT 2010 series was a whopping 291.12%! Congratulations also to Nicole MacDonald for being the second most improved in this regard with another huge improvement of about 118%! Note that tonight's most unimproved rider at 83% of her previous best cube speed this year in the CFCTT series for 15km, hybrid rider Susan Tolton, has a great excuse. She arrived late and hence was put at the end after Celia. Celia was to inform turn-around volunteer Melissa that there was an extra rider, but, well, I guess oxygen debt resulted from her pursuit of the 8 riders she chased and passed, and the message was not conveyed. Hence, Melissa left her post after counting the 9 riders she knew were in the event, and Susan proceeded to the traffic light before deciding that maybe she had better turn around. My apologies, Susan - that is, unless you enjoyed the extra exercise! The complete set of CFCTT results for 2010 can be sorted/filtered/searched many different ways, and quite a variety of performance ratios can be chosen to measure your performance relative to all kinds of things. Try pushing the sort buttons and typing things into the text boxes, and, if you really want to have fun, choose the advanced result format for more possibilities. Let me know if you'd like extra functionality, or help in using what is there.

s 1 McInnis, Celia  ABC/CYF 25:00 36.000 1/10 VCF 1/1 1.0080
S 2 Sothcott, Stephanie  CYF 26:34 33.877 2/10 SEF 1/1 1.0991
s 3 Fera, Kim  CYF 26:52 33.499 3/10 VBF 1/4  
4 Kudryk, Nicole  CYF 27:05 33.231 4/10 VAF 1/3  
5 MacDonald, Nicole  CYF 28:08 31.991 5/10 VAF 2/3  
6 Petersen, Andrea  CYF 28:11 31.934 6/10 VBF 2/4  
7 Daniel, Kate  CYF 31:40 28.421 7/10 VAF 3/3 0.9067
S 8 Stuart, Marilyn 
(on a hybrid)
CYF 32:34 27.636 8/10 VDF 1/1 1.3026
9 Desroches, Nancy  CYF 33:58 26.497 9/10 VBF 3/4  
10 Tolton, Susan 
(on a hybrid, she arrived late, started last and went farther than the rest since "turn-around marker" Melissa didn't know to wait for her)
CYF 34:29 26.100 10/10 VBF 4/4 0.8321
Average Speed of all of the above 10 finishes (150km in 04:54:31):30.559
>>>Average of the Average Speeds for these 10 finishes30.919<<<

The number of data records shown above is 10
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Thanks to our Helpers: Jim Glover, Melissa Lansing, Kimberly Low, Celia McInnis.


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