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OBC Women's TT Series - 2009-Jul-07 - 10km (Rockliffe Pkwy) (EvtFactor = 0.9363)

Weather (18:00): Cloudy. Temp.: 17C, Humidity: 83%, Dew Point: 14C, Wind: SE 4km/h, Pressure: 100.6kPa, Visibility: 24km.
Weather (19:00): Cloudy. Temp.: 17C, Humidity: 81%, Dew Point: 14C, Wind: S 8km/h, Pressure: 100.7kPa, Visibility: 24km.
Weather (20:00): Light Rainshower. Temp.: 16C, Humidity: 86%, Dew Point: 14C, Wind: SW 4km/h, Pressure: 100.7kPa, Visibility: 24km.

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These results were first posted on the OBC site circa 23:00 on 2009-Jul-07 and are available here for your added pleasure and analysis. The distance reported for the event was 10.8km, which it certainly was not. Turnaround volunteer Ian Austen reported that it was about 10km, so I'll report that distance now, and fix it when the course is measured officially. At 14:36 on 2009-Jul-08, Peter Tregunno reported that the course was indeed 10km. Thanks, Peter!

Those of us who cycled to the time trial arrived wet and dirty, but it was well worth it to ride on smooth pavement senza noisy cars. As a bonus, the evening was a fast one with low air pressure and virtually no wind. Seven out of the eight of us improved upon our earlier May 2009 WTT 10km best, with Nancy Manning and Jean Cooper improving by more than 20%! In addition, six of ten improved upon their previous database best for 10km. There were two category bests - Lindsay Anderson, out for the first time this season, set the Junior Women's record, while Nina Nesdoly set the fastest Cadet women's time since Leigh-Anne Cundell's 17:17, back on 1989-May-16, before the categories were reworked. It's wonderful to have so many youths out there! Ingrid Krausbar and Klara Bauermeister, on a tandem that was old enough to be either of their mothers, were off first. The upright handlebars of their bike had streamers coming out of them, and when I passed them and complemented them on their perfect (if impossible to be otherwise) pedal synchronization, Ingrid rang the sonorous bike bell with pleasure. Klara's only light-hearted complaint was that she couldn't see a thing around Ingrid, who at thirteen is already almost as tall as her mom Ellen. Timothy Austen, also thirteen, has a great spirit as well. He has improved every time out, and is sure to have clip-in pedals next week to turn the odds in his favour against the friendly competition. Lots of fun, and that really is why most of us are out there!


1 Marleau, Dianne  OBC/RWR 15:28 38.793 1/14 VBF 1/2 1.0163
2 Dréano, Claude  OBC 15:52 37.815 2/14 VAF 1/3 1.0383
3 Manning, Nancy  OBC 15:58 37.578 3/14 VCF 1/3 1.2610
A 4 Anderson, Lindsay OBC 15:59 37.539 4/14 JUF 1/1  
5 Coney, Ingrid  OBC 16:13 36.999 5/14 VCF 2/3 1.0093
6 McInnis, Celia  OBC/ABC 16:32 36.290 6/14 VCF 3/3 1.0030
7 Austen, Timothy OBC 16:35 36.181 7/14 MIM 1/1  
8 Rees, Stephanie  OBC 17:19 34.649 8/14 VAF 2/3  
9 Nesdoly, Nina  OBC 17:34 34.156 9/14 CAF 1/1  
10 Wilson, Barbara  OBC 19:15 31.169 10/14 VDF 1/2 1.0964
11 Cooper, Jean  OBC 19:36 30.612 11/14 VDF 2/2 1.2009
12 Byskov, Karen  OBC 20:53 28.731 12/14 VAF 3/3 0.9073
s 13 Bauermeister, Klara & Krausbar, Ingrid OBC 21:08 28.391 13/14 TAN 1/1  
14 Topham, Shannon OBC 23:52 25.140 14/14 VBF 2/2  
Average Speed of all of the above 14 finishes (140km in 04:12:14):33.302
>>>Average of the Average Speeds for these 14 finishes33.860<<<

The number of data records shown above is 14
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Thanks to our Helpers: Ian Austen, John Cooper, Claude Drano, Jane Hammingh, Ellen Pazdzior, Erika Revesz, Don Wilson.


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