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ABC Open TT Series - 2008-Jun-01 - 40km (Calabogie - Hwy 511) (EvtFactor = 0.9354)

Weather (8:30): Drizzle. Temp.: 13C, Wind: SW 15km/h.

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Brrrrrh - It was cold, windy and a bit damp today - bonnie weather for Scotland, but not ideal for quick time trials. Still, 3 women and 9 men arrived to have a go at this first 40km time trial of 2008, and the results, as compared with last year's, were consistent with the excuses. Colin Campbell and Ian Austen, who both indicated liking the cool, dank conditions - perhaps a tribute to their Scottish heritage - rode very well for a June 40km TT. Celia and Ingrid were both doing their first hilly ride on faster, more aerodynamic bikes than they used in 2007. Some bike and muscle adjustments (ouch!, says Celia) will result in improvements for them both. Vytas, still suffering from a nasty cold, was not at his best, but the funniest excuse of all came from Les. He had spent the previous evening trying to get a new pair of aero-bars on his bike, and found them drooping dangerously low to his wheel during the race. He indicated that they were in need of some viagra! As well, there were three new ABC 40km TT participants, Robert DeVidi (who has ridden 15km time trials for years and who did his first 40km time trial on the Merrickville course last September), Kathy Bradley (who thrives in bad weather and was first amongst the women and fifth overall), and Mike Dupuis (who began doing ABC time trials last year). Anyway, we all had fun, thanks to the efforts of volunteers John, Sherry, Bill and Colleen.


1 Campbell, Colin  OBC 1:01:35 38.972 1/12 VBM 1/3  
2 Conn, Peter OBC 1:02:26 38.441 2/12 VBM 2/3  
3 DeVidi, Robert  OBC 1:04:22 37.286 3/12 VBM 3/3  
4 Johnson, Jamie ABC 1:04:25 37.257 4/12 VAM 1/1  
5 Bradley, Kathy  OBC 1:06:53 35.883 5/12 VAF 1/1  
6 Coney, Michael OBC 1:07:51 35.372 6/12 VDM 1/2  
7 Janusauskas, Vytas  OBC 1:09:30 34.532 7/12 VCM 1/3  
8 Humphreys, Les  OBC/ABC 1:10:17 34.147 8/12 VDM 2/2  
9 Austen, Ian  OBC 1:10:46 33.914 9/12 VCM 2/3  
10 McInnis, Celia  OBC/ABC 1:14:02 32.418 10/12 VCF 1/2  
11 Coney, Ingrid  OBC 1:14:07 32.381 11/12 VCF 2/2  
12 Dupuis, Mike ABC 1:17:49 30.842 12/12 VCM 3/3  
Average Speed of all of the above 12 finishes (480km in 13:44:03):34.949
>>>Average of the Average Speeds for these 12 finishes35.120<<<

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Thanks to our Helpers: Timekeeper John Warren thanks Sherry Warren at the turn; and Bill McLennan and Colleen Janusauskas at the start and finish.


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