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OBC Women's TT Series - 2006-Aug-01 - 15km (Rockliffe Pkwy) (EvtFactor = 0.7573)

Weather (18:00): Sunny. Temp.: 36°C, Humidity: 47%, Dew Point: 23°C, Wind: WSW 24 gust 33km/h, Pressure: 100.4kPa, Vis: 24km, Humidex: 46.
Weather (19:00): Mostly Cloudy. Temp.: 34°C, Humidity: 50%, Dew Point: 22°C, Wind: WSW 22 gust 35km/h, Pressure: 100.4kPa, Vis: 24km, Humidex: 43.
Weather (20:00): Cloudy. Temp.: 32°C, Humidity: 55%, Dew Point: 22°C, Wind: W 15km/h, Pressure: 100.5kPa, Vis: 24km, Humidex: 41.

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Some like it hot! Ever cautious Kathy suggested that we cut the course short tonight to 10km, but the other three entrants would have none of that! Zoe came to celebrate her birthday (Happy 42nd Zoe!), Jean was keen to get back to time trialing after more than a month off, and Celia (well acclimatized to heat from the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival) insisted that it wasn't hot at all - that the Humidex reading was irrelevant in that Environment Canada had forgotten to factor in the Wind Chill from even the strong WSW winds let alone from our cycling speed! WTT Organizer Jocelyne classified Celia as delusional and brought out bottled water from her Cora's Restaurant to see if sanity could be simply restored. We drank but remained steadfast concerning our desire and fitness to ride. Ok, said Jocelyne, we could ride but only after a picture showing of her new granddaughter (Congratulations, Jocelyne!), and only if we promised to be careful and listen to our bodies during the time trial. From our low performance ratios relative to our previous 2006 WTT 15km bests, it may have looked as if we took Grandma Jocelyne's advice and just cruised our way through, but in actual fact, we worked hard for what we got - It was just that the only fast measurable today was the wind speed! All of us did our WTT 2006 15km personal worst today (note the low EvtFactor), and you may click here to see a graph of our "progress" (or not!) throughout the 2006 WTT series thus far...


 VAF: Veteran A Females - Females who turn 30-39 years old in the year of the race
1 1 Bradley, Kathy  OBC 15km 26:04 34.527 1/4 VAF 1/1 0.7969
 VBF: Veteran B Females - Females who turn 40-49 years old in the year of the race
2 1 Panchen, Zoe  OBC 15km 27:14 33.048 2/4 VBF 1/1 0.7861
 VCF: Veteran C Females - Females who turn 50-59 years old in the year of the race
3 1 McInnis, Celia  OBC 15km 28:46 31.286 3/4 VCF 1/1 0.8041
 VDF: Veteran D Females - Females who turn 60-69 years old in the year of the race
4 1 Cooper, Jean  OBC 15km 33:36 26.786 4/4 VDF 1/1 0.7154
Average Speed of all of the above 4 finishes (60km in 01:55:40):31.124
>>>Average of the Average Speeds for these 4 finishes31.412<<<
Standard Deviation of the Average Speeds for these 4 finishes2.907
Average of the Performance Ratios for the 4 rated finishes0.7756
Standard Deviation of the Performance Ratios for the 4 rated finishes0.0354

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Thanks to our Helpers: Jocelyne Beauchamp, Jim Glover, Andrea Mattiusi, Celia McInnis, Don Wilson.


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