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1 Cameron, Allen  OBC 2006-Jul-09 40km 1:01:00 39.344 9/46 VBM 6/15 0.9720 1.0534
2 Cameron, Allen  OBC 2006-Jun-04 40km 1:02:04 38.668 9/33 VBM 5/13 0.9446  
3 Cameron, Allen  OBC 2006-Sep-10 40km 1:03:50 37.598 3/23 VBM 2/7 0.9349 0.8727
Average Speed of all of the above 3 finishes (120km in 03:06:54):38.523
>>>Average of the Average Speeds for these 3 finishes38.537<<<
Standard Deviation of the Average Speeds for these 3 finishes0.719
Average of the Performance Ratios for the 2 rated finishes0.9631
Standard Deviation of the Performance Ratios for the 2 rated finishes0.0904

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