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OBC Open TT Series - 2005-Jan-01 (New Year's Day) - 15km (Rockliffe Pkwy) (EvtFactor = 0.2987)

Weather (11:00 EST): Cloudy. Temp.: -2°C, Humidity: 66%, DewPoint: -8°C, Wind: NNW 22 gusting to 32km/h, Pressure: 103.0kPa, Visibility: 32km, WindChill: -8.
Weather (12:00 EST): Mainly Sunny. Temp.: -3°C, Humidity: 64%, DewPoint: -9°C, Wind: NNW 24 gusting to 33km/h, Pressure: 103.0kPa, Visibility: 32km, WindChill: -10.

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Happy New Year! "Why were we out there?", you might ask. Well, Kevin's excuse was that he invented the event, so even a bout of food poisoning wasn't going to keep him away! Allen joked that he came because the malls were closed, whereas Celia always enjoys going out with her studs. Herb, a year-round cyclist and veteran of many New Year's Day rides, was easy to convince that the Rockliffe Parkway was as good a place as any to go for a spin. Louise planned to just be a voyeur, but then agreed to do 10km in exchange for a kleenex. It was only after her second pass (following a stop to do something about her sagging seat) of the ever-enthusiastic Celia that Louise succumbed to the temptation to go all the way. Incidentally, there was not a fancy time trial bicycle in sight for this event. Allen Cameron had the fastest machine - his cyclocross vehicle, still dirt-caked from its last use. Louise had a mountain bike with slicks, Herb had low-pressure wide tires on his winter commuting mountain bike, and Celia had her spiked Krike (at least not loaded down with her usual collection of groceries). To get some idea as to how much of a detriment we were facing from our equipment and the environment today, you can look at the cube speed ratios of today's results relative to our 2004 bests. To see the comparison with our database personal best values, click here.


1 Cameron, Allen 
(The shopping malls were closed.)
OBC 31:08 28.908 1/4 VBM 1/1  
2 Vasku, Herb
(Getting the cycling season off to an early start)
OBC 33:41 26.719 2/4 VCM 1/1  
3 McLaren, Louise 
(Sniffling away on a Sagging Seat)
OBC 38:20 23.478 3/4 VAF 1/1  
4 McInnis, Celia 
(My 204 studs of steel continue to give me slow, sustained, safe pleasure.)
OBC 41:59 21.437 4/4 VBF 1/1  
Average Speed of all of the above 4 finishes (60km in 02:25:08):24.805
>>>Average of the Average Speeds for these 4 finishes25.136<<<

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