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OBC Open TT Series - 2004-Jul-29 - 15km (Rockliffe Pkwy) (EvtFactor = 0.9377)

Weather (18:00): Partly Cloudy. Temp.: 28°C, Humidity: 53%, DewPoint: 17°C, Wind: S 11km/h, Pressure: 101.7kPa, Visibility: 24km, Humidex: 33.
Weather (19:00): Partly Cloudy. Temp.: 27°C, Humidity: 58%, DewPoint: 18°C, Wind: S 8km/h, Pressure: 101.7kPa, Visibility: 24km, Humidex: 32.
Weather (20:00): Mainly Sunny. Temp.: 25°C, Humidity: 66%, DewPoint: 18°C, Wind: S 5km/h, Pressure: 101.7kPa, Visibility: 24km, Humidex: 31.

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Some pretty exciting times tonight! Both Glen Rendall and Michael Nash broke the previous Vet A standard. In fact, Glen Rendall's 19:02 is the best databased result overall since Ray Duggan's impressive rides as a Senior male in 1999. Glen's ride is perhaps more impressive considering the fact that, as usual, he was riding on a fixed gear bike!!! A big congratulations goes to Rick Sudac for being the first Vet C man to crack the 20 minute barrier. You can see how his year/series bests have progressed by clicking here. Paul Datars improved upon his Vet B Male record with a performance ratio improvement of more than 4%. Noteworthy as well was Greg Reain's 1 minute improvement bringing him close to the 20:00 mark, Dale Beaton's reduction in the 2004 Cadet standard, and Nicholas Krausbar's lowering of his last year's Peewee record in his first night time-trialling this season.

All in all, 30 of the 59 males who has ridden previously this season improved upon their series/year bests, whereas only 3 of the 13 females did so. Part of the reason may be that a greater proportion of women started earlier when the wind was less calm...



Thanks to our Helpers: Mary Ajersch (S.S. & C.K.O.), Evelyn Beaton, Kevin Feenan, Dave Lennox, Alex McKnight.


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