(with link for 2005-Sep-08 results added afterwards to the 1st table)
Hi Bob:
  1. If you hit the links in the following table you will see side-by-side my result pages and the official ones for the five handicap events which I indicated to you (a year or so ago) are incorrect on the Club TT site. In particular:

    1. The personal-based handicap event from 2003 are not even close! The "H-Cap Time" in the last column of the official results should be the same as the first unbracketted number in my "Hcap Time" column (third column). What was on the club site was correct for just a few days - those days from when they were posted until the next Thursday's TT.

    2. The personal-based handicap event results for 2004, which have changed dramatically multiple times between the parking-lot readout and what is currently viewable on the club web site, are now closer to correct in that the handicaps which are listed are right, but some handicaps are missing for people who should have received them (unless the qualification rules are considerably more convoluted handicap than those which I've indicated that you not yet fully defined). For instance, why didn't Kris Jones or Monilee Lloy get a handicap? Both had completed the requisite three OBC time trials in 2004 before the September personal handicap event and both are listed as OBC members. Please check out the other discrepancies and answer the same question for them.

    3. The personal-based handicap event results for 2005 again have a few people without handicaps - perhaps due to club membership confusion...

    4. The age-handicappings for 2000, 2001 and 2002 age handicap events (first OTT in September) are missing entirely from the club site (though there is at least at heading admitting that the event was an age handicapped event for 2002).

    Compare Celia's and OBC's Results 2003-Sep-04
    Personal-Handicap Event
    Personal-Handicap Event
    Personal-Handicap Event
    Age-Handicap Event
    Age-Handicap Event
    Age-Handicap Event

  2. Concerning the not yet fully defined rules for the current personal-handicap event:

    What ARE the Official Personal Handicaps for Women on 2005-Sep-08? Two different sets of handicaps currently published on the OBC web site!

    Last year, as evidenced by Lucie Boudreau's handicap, it seems that although riders had to finish at least 3 time 15km OBC (OTT or WTT) time trials in the current year in order to qualify, they were handicapped upon their best OTT 15km time trial in the handicapping period (Jan 1 2003 until Sep 2004) even though they may not ever have ridden three 15km time trials in the OTT series in any one year. My results implemented this since I wanted to be consistent with the official results. Note that handicapping according to this rule put Lucie (who had only done 2 OTT events in 2004 prior to the personal handicap event) in 28th spot in the personal handicap event since she was handicapped upon her best OTT result in the Jan 1 2003 until Sep 2004 handicapping period, ie., 27:21, whereas if she had been handicapped upon her best WTT or OTT result from Jan 1 2003 and before Sep 2004, ie. 26:43, she would have been in 61st position in the 2004 personal handicap event - quite a significant difference. (In fact you might also have noted that even the winner of the event would change depending upon which rule was applied).

    Even ignoring any possible issues of strangeness, complexity or fairness (Consider a woman who only does OTT events on Good Friday, for instance - Would it be fair to handicap her on one or two Good Friday times even though she rides several minutes faster every week in the WTT series???), the rules are also not fully defined - In particular:

    1. What handicap will be given to an OBC member who has done at least three WTT 15km events in the current year (ie., qualifies to receive a handicap) but no OTT event during the previous 2 seasons?

    Also, as pointed out in both of the last two years to you and on my site, the British algorithm is somewhat flawed and we should really fix it if we're giving out trophies and medals:

    1. 2003: ... Three OBC riders (Ron Stoneham, Jeff Gottesman and Alison Ingham), despite riding faster than they ever had previously during the handicapping period (the previous 1 year up until just before this event), were actually ranked lower by the RTTC method than other OBC riders (Paul Datars, Detleff Hess, Mike Martignago, Bram Moerman, Kevin Nelson, Monika Stoeger, Mary Ajersch, Peter Hamilton and Neil Johnson) who rode more slowly than their bests over this same time frame. ...

      2004: ... Once again we see that some riders who did their best times tonight over the handicapping period - namely Neil Bell, Kris Jones and Hurd Stein, were ranked lower by the RTTC method than some riders who rode less well than their best over the handicapping period - namely Allen Cameron, Natasha Elliott and Larry Burge. ...

    Please let us all know when you've solidified the rules for the current year. Hopefully the KISS principle can be applied, because it sure wasn't last year. It took me fifteen minutes to figure out (and simultaneously write software to handle) the rather bizarre rules which were in place last September (six variables were needed), and then when the results kept changing over that and this next season, I really must ask why and how the history is being rewritten! The club gave out a trophy for the winner of this event, so surely some thought and analysis should be done to ensure that the award is given to the most deserving participant rather than letting the capabilities of a web programmer determine the winner! My site can be quite helpful for doing some analysis in terms of how many qualifying rides are reasonable, etc., and if you need any help in studying the data, feel free to ask for my assistance.

Thanks for your attention to looking after these errors and please investigate the myriad of other tt result reporting problems which we've had on our club tt site since Rod/Randy insisted upon taking over the job from me in 2002. The problems still seen this year and this month and this week include but are not limited to:

I continue to offer my help in resolving these problems which you have allowed to persist on the official tt site for 4 seasons at this point. I continue to offer to do a tt site officially for this club - an easy thing for me to do, because I already provide a comprehensive time trial service to the ABC officially, and to the OBC time trialists unofficially. You KNOW that I do a great job and provide exemplary service! After four seasons of errors and slow postings on the club tt site, isn't it time to cut out the cronyism and start being mature and rational?